Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Blog, blog, blog

I've been reading a lot of blogs lately. Yes, I'm relatively free-er now, waiting for the JB office to reply my queries. Never mind about that. You wont understand anyway.

As i was browsing through the net for interesting blogs, i found smthg...I shall keep mum for this moment until somebody checks this blog first to confirm my suspicion...The contents of this blog, i must say, could/might be "indecent" as my company internet filter seems to block me from entering the page.

At this moment, I can only say that, I suspect, somebody in my company (in fact, i know her) is sharing the same interest in blogging with me, but with a little twisted taste. Even this, is too much info leaked.

Will update on this whole thing soon. I'm curious.

Yes, I should be a private investigator. Or even a spy.


Anonymous said...

Wat a bravo and everybody should put your hand together..give a nice clap to our little investigator..the case is over..result is is the one tat we suspect..khek khek khek..Congratulation again to our little investigator..probably our next case about the pay ah?......monthly or lump sum........

tina said...

start small first, later only i will start to charge, hehe..

so u got any business for me or not??