Friday, October 13, 2006

A bit of self-entertainment

I'm working now. My brain is tired of staring at so many drawings.

I need to entertain myself.

Song in my mind: I dont know the title but it's the lastest from Jordan Knight and somebody whom I dont remember as well. Bad memory.

Very sad song. Smthg about a relationship which didnt work out because the both parties didnt say anything to each other about how they really feel. Tragic love song.

And it sounded very 90s too. That's why i like it. =)

Song i dont wish to hear: Also cant recall the title. From Keith Urban. He was jilted in love and asked the gal to take away all her things and memories coz he 'dont need it'. Boring, boring, boring! And not to mention the depressingly slow tune...**thumbs down, tongue sticking out**

Song i feel like listening: Where the Streets Have No Name by U2. It's such a cekap band, isnt it? =)

Movies. yes, i caught a movie last weekend. Miami Vice. It's a fast-paced high crime movie. And Gong Li is sooo HOT for her age. No, i should say, she's just HOT, even hotter than many younger actresses. I'm talking about her body here, face a bit old lah..

Am looking forward for Flushed Away. It features Hugh Jackman's voice ok! Which makes me feel like watching X-Men pulak...ish.

TV programmes that i recommend: "So you think you can dance?". This show proves that Americans are weird as much as they are creative. freaky sometimes. But it is an interesting show I must say. Smthg like American Idol without the singing part.

Lately there has been an insurgence of crime related tv series. CSI lah, bone smthg smthg lah, and a host of others. Everyday there's bound to be one. At least! And for me? I dont watch any of them. Suffice to say that it's not my cup of tea...

That's all for my little dose of entertainment criticism. Need to vent my thoughts a bit coz it's getting boring here in the office!

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