Monday, October 23, 2006

Balik kampung

Finally, the day has come. Balik kampung, yaey!

My sister and i decided to start off early to avoid the jam. Is 7.30am too early? Apparently it wasnt- we got stuck in the massive exodus jam along the NSE. The reason behind the jam was silly, it wasnt really because the road was super loaded with cars, but because the cars slowed down to ridiculously slow speed when approaching the police watch tower! And like a tornado, the congestion dispersed almost immediately after passing the watch tower. Talk about good actors in Malaysia!

We took a tiring 6 hours to reach home- twice the normal time taken on any ordinary day.

Home finally. I love being home for a long holiday. I get to sleep all day, wake up whenever I want, eat all I desire (hehe) and watch TV! I miss ASTRO (yeah, I sound so ancient).

Got to jalan-jalan around the town too...=) I noticed a new trend in town- yeah, the musrooming of new cafes in pre-war buildings (yes, we still have plenty of those in taiping). When I get my new cam, I shall post some pics here k...Very interesting concept I must say, smthg like what the business ppl in Malacca do- open pubs in Baba-Nyonya houses. A unique blend of old and new, culture and modenism. I appreciate that a lot.

One more thing- the rain. I love the rain when I'm at home with no where to go and nothing to do. Very sleep indusive =). And the rain here in taiping is sweet- it smells good and it's wet. Haha...I especially love the smell of wet grass after a heavy downpour. And the scene of our beautiful Maxwell Hill- just fresh and breath-taking. Makes me feel like sleeping again. Life is like a wonderland here in Taiping...

My mum loves to tell stories of her younger days and of her friends. Her friends are an interesting lot. Or rather, her friends' stories. Let me see if I can recall any.

...1 fren is selling ice water in Kampar near a certain school. She's still in that business till today.
...another one married her pen pal without truly knowing him, and as a result she was murdered on their wedding night. Apparently, the guy was psychotic. It was tragic...
...i thk there's one who ended up as a hooker in Singapore. Sad too.
I dont remember the rest. Too many lah.

Oh yes, she also told me how she and my late father got together. But I will not publish here. Keep it as a family thing...=)

So in a nutshell, i love holidays! (lame ending, I'm getting tired).

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