Wednesday, September 27, 2006

you know you're old(er) when...

1) your friends (long lost and current) start calling u up for these 3 reasons:
  • to sell you insurance
  • to sell you credit cards
  • to inquire if you are interested in unit trusts.

2) your phone number gets circulated among the various banks around for the above three reasons plus:

  • to promote their various loans

i wish they would call to tell me that somebody mysterious has decided to bank in all his/her money into my account. or that somebody has paid up my car loan in full and all i need to do is just to go to the bank to refund my payments.

reality hits. it doesn't happen. at least not to me.

hmm... those calls are slowly coming in. but, since im not THAT financially capable to invest or even to indulge in shopping, i would not subscribe to those things.

after all, cash is still the best. for this time being. =)

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