Tuesday, September 26, 2006

traffic, traffic jam...

it was 6pm and the road in front my office was almost full of cars, all moving inch by inch...there must be an accident, i thought. nvm, i'll head home with other roads..

but all roads were congested. ALL. including the small kampung roads that i use as short cuts, which in the end proved to be even more time consuming than the normal main roads.

i took an hour and 15 mins to reach my apartment. was so tiring! and the idea came to my mind..

it must be the fasting month. everyone's rushing home to buka puasa with their families.

i think i will leave my office at 7 today to avoid the jam.

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s1nn3r said...

Traffic jam in msia is nothing compare to dubai.. although here got nice and wide road. people here also damn rich, they only use car no Lrt, bus also few.