Friday, September 29, 2006

New jacket/ An amusing name

Yaey, I finally got my company jacket. It's free for all female confirmed staff. It's thick, it's blue and it's... free, haha. Now only awaiting for my name card to be printed. Time flies, it's been more than 4 months since i started work and now i'm a confirmed staff. Meaning i am entitled to many more benefits such as full annual leave entitlement, jacket and pin, name card and better pay =)


I stumbled upon this name while i was looking through the list of completed projects:


Sounds like a hokkien vulgar word to me ;p


s1nn3r said...

You want to be recognized for your abilities, and it's about time! For too long, you've been quiet about all that you have to contribute. A few words in the right ear will get you to the next level with relative ease.

tina said...

eh?? this is a place for u to commentand write YOUR thoughts, not a place to stick quotes. pls keep it that way.