Wednesday, September 27, 2006

it's ramadhan and everything is slower

The fasting month is back. Things are starting to get slower. No offence, I dont mean to say that muslims get slow because they dont eat. May or may not be a fact. But the common connotation would be:

fasting= no food = no strength = tired

Therefore, to counter this problem, the logic would work like this:

less work + less talk = less energy used = more energy from food eaten during the evening/morning can be conserved.

Logically and biologically this is true lah. More so for malaysians who, by nature, worship food so much =)

Came up with this idea after visiting the query counter at a nearby Kedai Tenaga Nasional.
The woman at the query counter told me in 5 words:

"bulan puasa, malas cakap banyak"


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