Thursday, October 26, 2006

I seriously need a new digital camera

I really need to get a new digicam. Fast. Ok, maybe by January next year la, since i tak cukup budget yet. During my entire holiday there were interesting sights that made me wish I had a camera then to take those shots that I knew would never repeat itself again. Something that you have to capture at that moment. But potong-stimly, I didnt have a camera with me.

This is my ideal:

Mju 720 SW. Price= RM1499
This is such a beauty I could stare at her for hours. She has been proven to be able to withstand shock up to 5 feet and waterproof till 10ft. Cekap eh? I can bring it for any future rough and wet activities, snap pics when it rains and yes, go underwater too...=)

My second option is the Mju 750. Not so popular, hard to find, but the specs are not bad. It has 5x optical zoom, which is better than other digicams its class.

Mju 750. Price RM 1599. (Price 2 months back)

So why all olympus? Well, my previous was an olympus so I only trust this brand to give me good shots. Moreover, I've never heard of any olympus user complain of any malfunction or dissatisfaction on their cams.
Sony seems like a good bet but according to Sharon, Sony is not as good as it appears to be. No further elaboration but I trust her comments on digital cameras. Casio Exilim is cheap but according to Lenny, the anti hand-shake is not very effective.
I shall do more research on Panasonic. Dont like Canon tho. Dont know why.
I hope the price of my first choice will drop soon. At least by another 200bucks la...

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ahh_mun said...

aiyoyo~~~ dun fikir toO mucH~~ tAke out tHe ATM card or cRedit card frm uR wallet n bUy dulu~~~ hahaha~~~ pay by imstallment lar... RM1500/12 = RM125 per month onLy~~~ RM125/30 = RM4.17 per day..
aiyo~~ so cHeap~~ RM4 per day~~~ BUY BUY BUY~~~~!!! duN think so MuCH~~lolz~~~ ( i am a devIL) =p