Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Digital Camera for Sale

I'm selling my digital camera. It looks like this

This picture is from the olympus website. mine is exactly like that.

A lil description about my cam:

  • Age: almost 3 years old
  • Accident history: NIL
  • 1 female owner (me lah!)
  • 3.2 MP, 3x optical zoom, 4x digital zoom
  • Very well maintained and comes with full accesories (4 olympus rechargebale batteries, battery charger, usb port, 64MB xD card, case with strap, another strap for the camera, tv cable, software cd, and the original box)
  • I will throw in additional items eg plastic/paper bag for easy handling and mobilization.
  • Price im selling: RM 350.00

It's very cheap already, trust me. The current market price for this model is surprisingly still above the 1k mark.

Reason for selling: Want to upgrade to a higher end camera. Just that.

Reasons for YOU to buy:

  • Very, VERY clear and sharp images (i have sample, hehe).
  • User friendly
  • Value for money
  • Just nice if all you need is a basic camera for normal use (especially for first timers)

So, any takers? Do message me.

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