Friday, September 29, 2006

New jacket/ An amusing name

Yaey, I finally got my company jacket. It's free for all female confirmed staff. It's thick, it's blue and it's... free, haha. Now only awaiting for my name card to be printed. Time flies, it's been more than 4 months since i started work and now i'm a confirmed staff. Meaning i am entitled to many more benefits such as full annual leave entitlement, jacket and pin, name card and better pay =)


I stumbled upon this name while i was looking through the list of completed projects:


Sounds like a hokkien vulgar word to me ;p

Thursday, September 28, 2006


I'm finally done with my tender evaluation report.

Now i have tonnes of unused P & C documents to dispose. Need a shredder.

Just a thought, maybe i can use that shredder to shred cheese for pizza..or pasta. I can even churn out noodles from the machine!

I think I'm a little pshychotic today.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Digital Camera for Sale

I'm selling my digital camera. It looks like this

This picture is from the olympus website. mine is exactly like that.

A lil description about my cam:

  • Age: almost 3 years old
  • Accident history: NIL
  • 1 female owner (me lah!)
  • 3.2 MP, 3x optical zoom, 4x digital zoom
  • Very well maintained and comes with full accesories (4 olympus rechargebale batteries, battery charger, usb port, 64MB xD card, case with strap, another strap for the camera, tv cable, software cd, and the original box)
  • I will throw in additional items eg plastic/paper bag for easy handling and mobilization.
  • Price im selling: RM 350.00

It's very cheap already, trust me. The current market price for this model is surprisingly still above the 1k mark.

Reason for selling: Want to upgrade to a higher end camera. Just that.

Reasons for YOU to buy:

  • Very, VERY clear and sharp images (i have sample, hehe).
  • User friendly
  • Value for money
  • Just nice if all you need is a basic camera for normal use (especially for first timers)

So, any takers? Do message me.

it's ramadhan and everything is slower

The fasting month is back. Things are starting to get slower. No offence, I dont mean to say that muslims get slow because they dont eat. May or may not be a fact. But the common connotation would be:

fasting= no food = no strength = tired

Therefore, to counter this problem, the logic would work like this:

less work + less talk = less energy used = more energy from food eaten during the evening/morning can be conserved.

Logically and biologically this is true lah. More so for malaysians who, by nature, worship food so much =)

Came up with this idea after visiting the query counter at a nearby Kedai Tenaga Nasional.
The woman at the query counter told me in 5 words:

"bulan puasa, malas cakap banyak"


you know you're old(er) when...

1) your friends (long lost and current) start calling u up for these 3 reasons:
  • to sell you insurance
  • to sell you credit cards
  • to inquire if you are interested in unit trusts.

2) your phone number gets circulated among the various banks around for the above three reasons plus:

  • to promote their various loans

i wish they would call to tell me that somebody mysterious has decided to bank in all his/her money into my account. or that somebody has paid up my car loan in full and all i need to do is just to go to the bank to refund my payments.

reality hits. it doesn't happen. at least not to me.

hmm... those calls are slowly coming in. but, since im not THAT financially capable to invest or even to indulge in shopping, i would not subscribe to those things.

after all, cash is still the best. for this time being. =)

traffic, traffic NO jam

my prediction was right. there were less cars on the road after 7pm.

i left my office at 730pm and the road was almost deserted. at least the one in front my office lar. everyone must be sitting at their dining tables by then i supposed.

will do the same today.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

traffic, traffic jam...

it was 6pm and the road in front my office was almost full of cars, all moving inch by inch...there must be an accident, i thought. nvm, i'll head home with other roads..

but all roads were congested. ALL. including the small kampung roads that i use as short cuts, which in the end proved to be even more time consuming than the normal main roads.

i took an hour and 15 mins to reach my apartment. was so tiring! and the idea came to my mind..

it must be the fasting month. everyone's rushing home to buka puasa with their families.

i think i will leave my office at 7 today to avoid the jam.

Monday, September 25, 2006

A very bizzare lunchtime

12.30pm. lunch time. umi (my colleague) and i were rushing to complete our tender evaluation. this is my first time doing this and i wasnt very sure of how to go about evaluating the report. so umi helped me and we both were working on it together.

the phone rang. i was already late for lunch. had an appointment with the kelab sukan gang but i was already late. it must be one of them calling to remind me.

but it turned out to be someone else. some one i cannot delay and cannot refute.

"tina, this is Mr S. Are you done with the report?"

"er..i am working on it. i'll finish up as soon as possible and hand it over to you"

"can you bring whatever u have and meet me in my room now?"


"any problem?"

"oh, no problem..see you"
ish, it's lunch time and the boss (the Big Boss) had to summon me to his room???? i was sweating cold sweat...sure kena hentam la this time..

so umi and i left to see him..

well, he was ok...taught us how to do that evaluation and even gave us advice on work...very nice of him really, to spend some time teaching small fishes like us...

and then, after umi left, he started giving me advice...christian advice to be more precise. it was good lah, even asked me how i find work, etc ect..

well, there are dozens of christians in my office. even more small fishes like me out there. but i dont know why and how, he remembers me. i think it must be God. so, to cut the story short, he invited me to join him and some other managers for lunch at a japanese restaurant. wow...lunch with the Excutive Director of IJMC and some heads of departments? hmm..

we went there with his Merz. along the way he was giving me so much more christian advice. and he quoted scriptures like nobody's business and all at his fingertips. i must say that i was and still am amazed at him. well, it is indeed a good reminder for me that God is still there and in control. not that i dont know that He's around, just that sometimes i just dont feel it. especially when i am down and he seems so far away from me..Mr S also reminded me of the many promises in the Bible, all waiting for me to claim.

anyway, the lunch was at pj hilton and there were even more christians at the table. of course there were also some non christians like my ex-boss who looked rather (or VERY) surprised to see a little fish like me walking in with one of the biggest guy in the company. well, of course i got pretty good treatment from her on that day. 'nuff said.

i could see more evangelism going on in the dining room. and all of them were talking about God boldly and shamelessly. which makes me wonder, why am i not like that? have i been too watered down by my own jadedness to God for bringing me sufferings for reasons only He knows? or was it because i got so busy that i dont take time to remember his goodness to me? or was it my friends who corrupt my once good heart and strong passion to share?i dont know. maybe all those reasons are applicable. i am sure that these guys have been in the Christian rollercoaster for much longer than i am. and even much more scary rides than what ive experienced so far. but they are going strong.

i had some really good, authentic jap food. raw fish, grilled fish, tempura, etc...and sushis too.

and of course, a little refreshing thought of how God can using the big boss to speak to a small one like me..

oh yes, now i can agree that all things happen for a reason. had i not meet the boss during lunchtime i wouldn't have gotten the much enviable opportunity to hang out with the boss.

and i must say, if you are not a believer of Jesus, or if you dont personally know Him, or not interested in Him, you dont know what you are missing! here's smthg that captured my thoughts from Mr S:

"if the Bible and God is not true, then both u and i are not going anywhere. but if it is true, im going to heaven and you are not. at least i have a 50-50 chance of going to heaven. what about u?"

think about it.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

finally, a proper place to blog

finally, i've gotten myself a proper place to blog. not that i dont have any before, i just got sick and fed up with my friendster blog. although i can blog there and its easier to get viewers there, i dont exactly feel free to write there. too much of publicity, all thanks to friendster's updates which makes one's photo appear too much (to the point of flooding) to alert others of any blog updates.

anyway, my blog has found a new home here. hopefully it'll be cool and not die off like my previous blogspot blog page....

so sit back and enjoy. will update and upgrade this page as frequent as i can. and will also transfer all my old and interesting posts to this blog....

cheers to all =)